We’ve named our album!

Even though it’s been less than a year since our last album BLOOM, it feels like we have been working on this new album forever. In reality, we started writing new songs for Album #2 in December of 2020 shortly after BLOOM was released. That is probably why it feels like so long because we didn’t really take a break in between writing either album 😅

Now that we’re in the final stages of recording the album, all the lyrics are written, guitars & bass are being tracked, we’ve decided on a name for Album #2: Inviting Warfare. Keep reading for the release date & how you can hear an exclusive single from the album!

Why did we pick this name?

We discussed as a band that we wanted to have a “title track” but we didn’t necessarily want the WHOLE album name to just be the same name of the track. Instead, we wanted to take a lyrical line or part of the song title and expand upon it. We all agreed that the last song of the album should be the title track, and that song’s name is “Warfare”. After tossing around some ideas of what would work well with the word warfare, Wade suggested “Inviting Warfare” because of its duality meaning. We pretty much instantly all said “Yep, that’s it” and thus, “Inviting Warfare” was born.

What to expect from Inviting Warfare

We shared the album title & cover art with our Gems Family in June and the comment we got the most was “wow this seems like it’s going to be a lot different than BLOOM”. We’re here to ease your mind that, yes, while we did explore some new musical ideas on this album, it is still very much “us”. You can expect the same kind of vocal styles, guitar riffage, and bumping bass lines that we put into our last album. A friend put it this way: “BLOOM was like your ‘hey we’re a band’ album and this album is like your ‘hey, WE’RE HERE FOR GOOD’ album”. Thematically we’ve got a good balance of uplifting, happy songs, as well as our more SonS moody & dark songs. And no, there are no covers on this one. All 100% original songs.

Hear the single “For the Fight” from Inviting Warfare NOW

If you’re dyingggg to hear what we’ve been working on all year, we’ve got some good news for you! We have a single that we are releasing soon from the album called “For the Fight” that you can listen to BEFORE the album comes out. But… here’s the thing. It’s NOT on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, OR anywhere else. Instead, it’s exclusive to our Sapphire Subscribers and we will not be releasing it publically until the full album comes out later this year. This means if you want to hear it, you totally can, and for FREE, when you subscribe to our email list.

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“Inviting Warfare” will be released in Fall of 2021

In November 😉

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