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The Band

Vancouver-based American/Canadian symphonic hard rock band Stands on Sapphires is storming onto the rock scene in a colossal way with their entirely self-made and self-produced music. The band is made distinctive in part by its composition of a husband-and-wife duo with their life-long friend. Lead vocalist Bethany Rose, guitarist Trevor Isaac, and bassist Wade Britz, jammed together for years before deciding to go all-in on Stands on Sapphires in late 2019, leaving behind cushy office jobs in exchange for the riotous world of hard rock. Fans have described Stands on Sapphires as “the real deal” and the otherworldly chords and candor of each song are unrivaled. 

They released their second full-length album, Inviting Warfare, with 100% original songs in December 2021, followed by an Instrumental version in April 2022. Inviting Warfare is the result of the band’s unparalleled versatility as rock musicians, with overarching themes of Good vs. Evil and living for things greater than oneself.

The female-fronted band takes influence from bands across the rock spectrum, including Skillet, Van Halen, Meatloaf, Shinedown, and In This Moment. Stands on Sapphires transcends the rock genre to create a world of their own, to be fully experienced through their music. The band continues to work on their music daily.

More on each member below.


“I used to make my family sit down and listen to me sing the entirety of my latest, favorite musical sets when I was 5 or 6. Whether or not I sounded good was of no consequence to me. I just needed to sing my heart out.

As I got older, I stopped singing because I feared I wasn’t good enough. I told myself that if I wasn’t ‘the best’ I shouldn’t even bother. I know now that isn’t true because following my purpose is more important than giving in to my fears. Now, I put my fears aside and I embrace this God-given calling on my life. I can’t imagine ever doing anything else.”


I started playing guitar as a little kid and the first thing I was taught was how to read music, BORING! I stopped for close to a decade before rediscovering it in high school. When I learned how to play the main riff of “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne YOU BETTER BELIEVE I was hooked and started practicing for hours each day, worshipping the likes of Nuno Bettencourt, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, EVH and more.

In 10+ years I’ve had many ups and downs in my musical history, but I’m pumped to be writing and putting my own stuff out there finally after years of doubting myself, it just feels right.


“I grew up listening to a lot of the same music my father did: Pink Floyd, Green Day, Marilyn Manson, you know, normal Dad stuff. It felt pretty natural for me to pick up an instrument in high school, but it wasn’t until I discovered progressive music that I really developed a love for it. Bands like Dream Theater, Rush, and Tool completely changed the way that I viewed how a bass could fit into a song, and I’ve been hooked on the instrument ever since.”