This isn’t just any song; “Resurrection” is the powerful counterpart and follow-up to our last single, “Death,” and it’s also part of our upcoming album, Anhedonia: Death & Resurrection. While “Death” explores the raw pain and hopelessness of our darkest moments, “Resurrection” takes you on an uplifting journey of finding new life and hope after facing setbacks and disappointments. On the other side of death, beauty and fresh perspectives await. But, new life can only be found after letting things that need to die, die.

And I ascend from the depths of my last demise
A patch of blue lines my view and I know I will be
I have been brought from death
Like a flower that never dies
And I breathe fresh air
And I stand strong
And I hold once again I’ll resurrect

Lyrics from “Resurrection”

As we’re sure you can see by the lyrics, “Resurrection” speaks to “Death” as a counter-anthem of deliverance. Both songs are an honest reveal of our personal experiences and stand to show the two sides of life we all experience. These songs together set the framework for the album as a whole; both dark and light, death and life, as well as being beat down and overcoming.

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