How did this happen?

Last year before we dropped our first album, BLOOM, we knew during the writing of the song “Don’t Stop” that we wanted it to be made into an Anime Intro style music video. I mean, come on, the song was written to be a Japanese Rock Song! 🀘🏻 We went out on a limb to try and find someone willing to take on the challenge while being understanding of our Indie Musician budget. Luckily, Graham Kim enthusiastically agreed to create this music video for us after they responded to an Ad we posted in a local art college. It took 6+ months of creation but the outcome is above and beyond our expectations.

Now that it’s all said and done, we had an entertaining interview with Graham about it. Hear their ideas for the concept, what it was like working on this colossal project, and how maaaayyybe there was a few panic moment along the way πŸ˜…

THIS is how we got made into an anime:

If you missed the music video, be sure to give it a watch too to get the most out of this interview:

If you’re as in love with this Anime Music Video as we are, go ahead and take a look at Graham’s other work. They have a true talent:

Graham’s Portfolio:

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