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We greatly appreciate all kinds of support!

Unlike many other bands, we don’t have the luxury of commercial backing. But this work costs real money because we have real expenses that royalties and streams alone don’t even begin to cover. Nonetheless, every penny we earn goes directly back into our craft, allowing us to continually refine and make more of our art. Your support enables us to pursue our passion wholeheartedly, without compromise or the constraints we’d otherwise have if we did have commercial support.

We have 3 options for supporting us:

We’d love to welcome you to our exclusive Gems Family Fan Club where we share early access to new music, BTS content, music lessons, personal chats, and more. Multiple support options are available.

Just want to show a little love? Consider a one-time, no-commitment contribution via Paypal (no minimums).

If you’re a collector or just love having physical copies of music, why not grab one of our CDs? Not only will you get to enjoy the raw power of our music, but you’ll also have a tangible piece of our journey to treasure.