Stands on Sapphires officially has a new recording studio and office, and we’re filled with gratitude.

First and foremost, we want to express our heartfelt thanks to Cedar Park Church. They have been incredibly supportive and have blessed us with this fantastic space where we can create, record, and bring you new tunes. It’s truly a gift to be part of such a welcoming and generous community.

Check out the new place in this short clip:

Our new studio will be the birthplace of our upcoming album, “Anhedonia: Death & Resurrection.” We’ll be spending countless hours here, crafting and perfecting the music that you’ll soon hear. Knowing that we have this space allows us to focus on what matters and be in a supportive environment.

If you’d like to be a champ by supporting us and helping fund things like this, please consider one of 3 Gem-tastic ways to show your love:

Stay tuned for more updates from our new recording studio, and keep rocking!