Introducing “Death” from our forthcoming album “Anhedonia: Death & Resurrection.” This track delves deep into the abyss of raw pain and despair, capturing the essence of hopelessness and the struggle to find light in the darkness. As Bethany puts it:

At the lowest point of our journey so far, I was so angry and disappointed with how things were going. Disappointment begot disappointment and it seemed like every part of my life was 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. I remember sitting in my pain and saying to myself “This, this is rock bottom” and so I deemed that moment of my life “the pit”. Out of all that pain came the song “Death“. I think pain has the ability to either divide us or bring us together. My hope is by sharing about our pain, you will know that you’re not alone if you are carrying your own pain..

With every haunting melody and poignant lyric, “Death” immerses you in the depths of despair, offering a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the darkest corners of our souls. It’s a reminder that sometimes, despite our best efforts, we all find ourselves lost in a sea of hopelessness, grappling with our inner demons and searching for a flicker of light in the shadows.

We want you to experience this raw and emotional journey with us. So take a moment and let the music envelop you. We hope “Death” resonates with you in its rawness, offering solace in the shared experience of pain and despair.

“Death” is available now everywhere you enjoy music! Click below to hear it, add it to your moody playlist, and pleaseshare it with someone who needs to hear it.