We’ve been working on our new album, Inviting Warfare, all year we wanted to release at least one song off the album before it came out as a single so you can get hype and hear what we’ve been busy creating.

For the Fight is that single and, if we can be frank, it’s a banger.

Okay let’s be honest, we can fill this post with a bunch of fluffy stuff about this single and what it’s about and blah blah blah. But to tell the truth, we rather let this song speak for itself.

How do I get the song?

We’ve made the bold decision to keep this song a subscriber exclusive. What does that mean? It means you can only hear the song if you subscribe to our Sapphire Newsletter. It’s not on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, or anywhere else. But rest assured, joining is pretty stinkin’ simple and it’s totally free.

Plus, we’re giving everyone who joins a FREE DOWNLOAD of For the Fight, so you can still add it to your music library and listen wherever you would like 🎧 🔊 🚗

You’ll be getting this song MONTHS before our album comes out, which means YOU will be one of the only people to have heard this song EVER! ALSO, you’ll be automatically entered into our Album Launch Experience later this year where we will share all the BTS about this song and the album, along with ANOTHER free download of the whole album. Pretty cool right?

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