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1I Won't
2Waste This Day (feat. Chuck Bontrager)
3Clock Strikes Remastered
4Don't Stop
5My Affliction Remastered
6Sucked Into The
7Supermassive Black Hole (feat. Matt "Hugs" Hughes)
8It's All Over
10The Enemy Is Knocking
11Never Getting In Orchestral Mix


Being the first full album Stands on Sapphires ever released, they wanted to showcase their versatility as a band. From classic 80’s Rock-inspired tunes and high-energy JRock, to slowed-down power ballads, BLOOM is a dynamic adventure through moderen Hard Rock music from a promising up-and-coming band. There is something for every Rock lover here.

Musical themes of the album include struggling with inner demons, loss of a loved one, and even the classic falling in love. In their words “we like to write songs that speak to the human condition, rising above the worst of times, and living for something greater” which is perfectly reflected in this debut album.

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