Now that we’re partway through the year, we’re sharing exactly what we are focusing on and our plans for the new album, music videos, and more.

The Album

As you know, we’re writing another full album this year. We are aiming to have it out in the fall, roughly around the same time as BLOOM last year. On our first album, we had 2 covers, 2 remasters of our first singles, and 4 new songs + interludes/intro songs. On this yet-to-be-named new album, we are wanting to have 10+ originals (not including intros/interludes) AND no cover songs, so you get 100% SonS music.

While we love covering songs and putting our little spin on them, we personally feel they work better as singles at this point in time. We want to give you something that is pure and brand new to really up the ante on what we can do.

Right now we have 10 songs that are near done being written and ready for recording. We have a few more that we’re playing with, but we’re off to a solid start! As we continue to create, we’ll continue to share more updates about the album with you.

Music Videos

We promised we would try and have a music video for every song on the BLOOM album. So far, we’re on track to do just that! Here’s the plan for the ones we haven’t released yet:

Don’t Stop

As you may have heard, we are having an anime music video made for our song Don’t Stop. When we wrote this song, we specifically created a tune we envisioned being on the intro to a Japanese anime. If you haven’t figured it out by now, we all love anime and felt it would only be fitting to have our song actually made into an anime intro music video.

We hired a student from a local art college and they are doing an amazing job. Since this is such an undertaking, we told Graham, the creator, to take as much time as they needed to make it happen. This is why we don’t have a completion date just yet, but we’re excitedly and eagerly awaiting its deliverance!

Waste This Day

While we wanted to do an elaborate video for this song, unfortunately, the COVID situation here in BC is very limiting. We’ve been unable to access the locations we wanted to use, so we decided to make a funny “fan music video”, as we call them, instead. The concept is us sitting outside and wasting the whole day on our patio. The footage for it was recorded last week and it will actually be out in a few days on Friday, April 23rd.

Bloom (the title track)

The last song we are making a music video for is BLOOM. Since this song is based on the story of Trevor losing his grandfather, we’ve been filming small parts of it throughout the last few months, through the different seasons. The concept is to follow the journey of how it unfolded and will be our first “story” based music video.

We waited for the one and only snow day we got to film the first part. We waited for the cherry blossoms to bloom for the other. And now, we will be filming the last part in a few weeks now that it’s closer to summer. We hope to have this music video out next month in May.

A clip from our Don’t Stop Anime Music Video

More Singles/Covers

Most likely, we will be releasing a song from the upcoming album as a single before the full album is released. We want to share one we think most relates to the album as a whole, to set the tone for what to expect from us. Having said that, we’re focusing most of our energy on the album and aforementioned content (plus our funny reels and social posts). Therefore we probably will not be releasing any new cover song till after the album.

As you know, we’re 100% DIY so that means if it needs to be done, we have to do it. We love this, but it also means we have to keep the main thing, the main thing, and focus our energy on our primary goal which is MORE MUSICCCCC! ????????

How to get MORE stuff from us SOONER

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