Usually, there is so much more than meets the eyes with art and music. That’s why we are sharing 10 things you probably didn’t know about us and where you can find more information about each thing! Let’s go!

  1. We are 100% DIY
  2. Trevor and Bethany are married
  3. Wade and Trevor have been friends since they were 8 years old
  4. We are all self-taught not only musically, but with music recording and producing. None of us have had formal training other than online courses or lessons
  5. We don’t have a physical drummer but our drums are real
  6. Bethany is from the USA while Wade and Trevor were both born and raised in Canada
  7. The art for our debut album BLOOM was inspired by our failed business
  8. Our unique band name is actually from the Bible
  9. We don’t believe in doing live shows unless we have an audience to play for
    • We believe the future of music is in building a fan base that can support you on tour, not paying to open for bigger bands, or doing bar gigs till we get “discovered”. In fact, this is not that uncommon in modern music. Gone are the days of playing shows to get deals. Just look at all the acts that have made it simply by posting their work on Youtube.
  10. We have weekly behind-the-scenes videos that we share exclusively with members of our Gems Family Patreon, including how we wrote our first album, how we record and produce music, what we do when the cameras aren’t on, and so much more. 
    • In fact, there is so much more stuff that we have a whole page dedicated to it! Find out everything you can get access to here:

Curious about more stuff? We have a whole section here on the site full of stories, interviews, and insights into our music. Do a little light reading anytime at