Uhhh… Where’s the drummer?

We know by now you realize that, yes, we don’t have a drummer. We are a rock band without a drummer. But why?

The truth is we’re a dynamic trio. We’ve been best friends LONG before we started writing music (we talk about this in great of detail in our interview here). For the last few years, it’s just been the 3 of us jamming covers for fun. We’ve made all kinds of excuses in the past for not starting a band. We put off writing our own music for years mainly because we didn’t know a drummer that would fit our vibe or want to join us. We thought “we can’t be a band without a drummer.” And so we did nothing. We had our fun doing cover jams and we put down our dreams of music ever being more than a hobby. Until, one day, we just couldn’t deny it any longer.

So what?

One night, a few months into finally writing our own music, the three of us were talking about our goals and dreams for it.

“How are we going to find a drummer?”, “What if they don’t fit with us?”, “We don’t know anyone that would want to join us.”

And we’ll never forget what Wade said: “Why do we need one?”.

We stopped because we never thought about it that way before. Why DO we need one if we plan to have a session musician join us when we do shows?

We believe that art is art and there are no wrong answers. We also believe that if you wait for everything to be perfect, you’ll probably never start. We made every excuse in the book to not put ourselves out there, the main one being not having a drummer. So after what can only be described as a supernatural kick in the pants, we just started. Since then, we’ve been doing the best we can with what we have and learning by doing as we go. It may never be “perfect” but what is perfect anyway?

If we don’t have a drummer then how do we do drums?

Trevor, our guitarist, also plays the drums so he writes some of our beats and drum parts. You can read more about how we do our drums in our Gear Dump post but they are real drums and they are played by a real drummer.

At the end of the day, by simply just “doing it”, we’re already YEARS ahead of where we would be if we waited for everything to be up to the “standard” of what a band should be. Like we said earlier, art is art and there are no “should be“s in it. We’re going to keep pushing forward making music, without a drummer, because WE CAN and our dreams are more important than our setbacks. And so are yours.

Are we ever going to get a drummer?

We are not opposed to having a drummer at all! We simply want to be sure they are a good fit for the band and it makes sense for us as a whole. We’re not just adding a member to our band, we’re adding a member to our family so it is not a decision we’re going to make lightly. Having a “real” drummer will bring a new level to our music that we do think is important. But, we’re trusting that when the time is right, our family will be adding a +1 to our lineup!

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