In our series of 3 cover songs, each one picked by a member of the band, Trevor choose to not only cover but reimage Stevie Wonder’s hit cover “Superstition”

“I chose Superstition for two main reasons. My initial reason is THE RIFF. I love the riff, I’ve always loved the riff. It’s just so funky and I thought it would sound so cool being played by a heavy guitar.
The other reason is I’ve always wanted to have a stab at taking an old song and completely rebuilding it from the ground up. In this case, I had pictured something moody that builds tension as the song goes on, and I felt that, lyrically, Superstition would be a great choice for this and in line with our SonS Style too.”


We’ve taken this funk/R&B/soul classic and slowed it down, added a lot of creepiness, and gave it the ‘ol SonS Dark Rock treatment. 

We felt our latest cover deserved an equally intriguing video to match the song, and nothing seemed more fitting than dawning our gothic best and performing our hearts out! Under the cover of darkness with a few stools and lots of gothy-spooky vibes, we filmed our live performance-style music video for Superstition (just in time for Halloween!) 👻

We’d love it if you watch it, and as always, your comments, likes, and SHARES really do make a big difference and help us out 🙏🏻

Watch it below:

And that concludes our cover song series this year! Looking for our other 2022 covers? Check out Victorious (Bethany’s Personal Pick) and Blinding Lights (Wade’s Personal Pick).