Earlier this year the 3 of us decided we’d like to cover some more songs and each personally pick one to make our own. This first of the songs we picked is Bethany’s personal choice, “Victorious” originally by Panic! At the Disco. It’s a song we’ve already been playing pretty much since it came out in 2016 so we were all excited to put our own SonS flare on it.

Inspired by the original music video, we decided to make ours about the struggles and little victories of being an Independent band and an Artist in general. Might we say, it’s our MOST entertaining music video yet!

See & hear our version of this pop-rock song in our unique Stands on Sapphires hard-rock style:

You can listen to and add this song to your music collection anytime by tapping below:

Album Art of Bethany's face for the single "Victorious", a cover of Panic! At the Disco.

Be looking for our next two covers selected by Wade & Trevor in the coming months!

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