Well… 2022 was A YEAR, am I right?!

In all honesty, we set out to do a lot more this year than we could actually manage. Just goes to show we like to dream big… But, despite fighting through burnout all year, we still did some pretty awesome stuff we are proud of! As we reflect back on all the new stuff we did this year, we can’t help but want to reshare everything we’ve done. Maybe you’ll feel inspired to re-watch or re-listen to some of your faves as you look back on the year we’ve shared together.

What we did this year…

6 New Music Videos

Including a fan-voted video AND a video actually featuring our fans with selfies!

What I Can See Music Video

We asked all of our fans to send us photos of themselves so we could feature them in our heartwarming video for the song “What I Can See”.

Storm Brewing Music Video

We let our fans vote on what song from Inviting Warfare they wanted us to make a music video for and “Storm Brewing” won!

4 music videos to match the 3 cover songs we did this year!

Victorious Music Video

A comical take on overcoming & celebrating the little victories of being an independent musician, inspired by the original music video by Panic! At the Disco.

Blinding Lights Music Video

A single-take, outdoor performance to showcase our cover of the popular song by The Weeknd.

Superstition Music Video

A spooky & dark live performance video to feature our completely re-imagined version of the classic song by Stevie Wonder.

Superstition Lyric Video

Out first ever official music video for our cover of “Superstition”, created by Trevor.

3 Singles & An Instrumental Album

We each picked a song we wanted to cover and their respective musical direction. We also made an instrumental version of our last album, Inviting Warfare!

7 Fun & Informative interviews

We had the opportunity to work with a PR agent and in turn, the privilege of having more interviews this year than ever!

Interview w/ Jam Man

We got interviewed by a 9-year-old in what is probably our most entertaining chat yet.

Interview w/ Metal Net TV

Sara asked all the right questions as we opened up about the truth behind the name of our band and more.

Interview w/ KSKQ Radio

We visited again with DJ Ramo of the Metal Mixtapes and KSKQ Radio in Oregon.

More interviews HERE.

Wow! That’s a lot of stuff! We’re looking forward to 2023 and sharing more new music with all our fans.