One thing in life is certain; there WILL BE questions! And the longer we do this, the more questions we get! 

But there are some questions we’ve noticed we get more often than others. Needless to say, if something comes up over and over, it’s likely that a lot of people are wondering about the same thing. 

That’s why we’d like to take a sec to be super honest and answer the top 3 questions we get asked the most that we know you’re wondering about!

1) When/Where are you touring? Will you do a show in ____-city?

This is hands down the question we see the most! While it would be easy to give some fluffy filler answer, here’s the truth (’cause that’s what SonS is all about):

Touring is EXPENSIVE. A basic 1-month tour can cost a band on a budget anywhere from $20,000 to over $50k! That’s a BUDGET tour. If we wanted to do the kind of shows we’d like to do (lots of lights, backdrops, cool VIBES, great merch) it would be even more.

Secondly, we are all about building up an amazing fan base by connecting with people like you. The reality is we just don’t have enough fans to support doing a tour (YET) and we refuse to compromise on bringing you the kind of show you deserve!

For the time being, we will be focusing on reaching MORE fans so we can hit the road and come see you! If you want to help us make this happen sooner, please share our music with people in your life and genuinely explain why you enjoy it.

(Pro Tip: We’ve found that simply dropping a “hey go listen to this” is not as effective as sharing a genuine reason why you think someone will like something. Honesty always wins)

2) Can you cover _____ song/band? I think you’d do such a great job!

If you’ve ever asked this or even thought about it, first of all, thank you for thinking of us! We love to hear our fans think we could do someone else’s song justice. 

But, as it stands (pun intended), we do not take cover requests.
Lemme Explain. 

The simple answer is, though we do covers, we are not a COVER band. We have a vision for our own music and a dream of bringing that music to many, many people. We only do covers we personally feel passionate about or believe will help us reach new fans based on a lot of thought-out factors. 

We also invest just as much time, effort, and resources (AKA moooolah $) into making our covers as we do our own music. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Therefore, we are admittedly, quite picky about the songs we do. Know that it’s not because we don’t value your opinion, it’s because we have to be true to ourselves and keep the passion for what we do alive!

3) Why don’t you have a drummer?

Because… we don’t.

Just kidding with you!

But we have discussed this one IN-DEPTH not only in multiple interviews (notably the one from Metal-Net TV) but on our own newsfeed as well. So for the sake of an already REALLY post email, we’d like to answer this question here.

There is no short answer, but it is something we have strong feelings about and it seems so do a lot of other people. Like with everything we do, we do the best we can with what we have instead of making excuses.

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