We’ve got a brand new cross-genre collab to share with you today!

As a growing artist, we’ve had a lot of “firsts” in the last few years. Now, this is the FIRST time we’ve been featured in a song that’s totally different than what we normally do!

If you don’t already know, Replenished Sky remixed our song “Don’t Stop” last year into a BANGER of a dubstep dance track! (listen to it out here).

This year, when he asked us to lay something down for a remix of his original song, Rise, we were like:

This new remix version of the song called “Rise [Re-Risen]” features Bethany on vocals and Trevor rippin’ a solo in the bridge!

Replenished Sky describes his music as “a genre-bending blend of EDM, Contemporary Classical, Ambient and Chiptune” and this is no exception to that genre-bending talent he has!

Grace your ears with a little something different and check out the new tune here:


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