We’ve been saving doing shows for when we felt we are ready AND the right opportunity presented itself. It’s been our dream for a LONG TIME to be able to do shows in Japan, and now not only is our dream coming true, but it’s also our first ever LIVE show as a band. Wow. THIS gets to be a part of our story now!

A fellow Indie Band in Japan called Imari tones offered us this opportunity and they’ve been so gracious to set everything up for us and book us these shows while we’re over there.

There will be 2 live shows featuring SonS in Japan in May: The first show is in Yokohama @ Silverback Bar on May 21st and the second is in Tokyo @ Black and Blue on May 28th!

Silverback Steak & Gig in Yokohama

We know that most of our Gems do not live in or near Japan, but of course, if you find yourself in the area (wink wink) we’d be thrilled if you would join us! Tickets at the door or you can send us an email for details 😉

We hope to see some of our Gems there, please let us know if you’re coming, we’d love to say hi!