As part of our launch campaign for “Inviting Warfare”, we created an entire video game based on our album! We created it using the game “Dreams” by Media Molecule to pull this off. The game lets us build our own assets while also using assets that other people have made in order to build levels that we never thought we would be able to.

The game features a hub world, based on our album cover, as well as one level for each of the songs on the album. Inside each of those levels, there are a bunch of different purple gems (like our own gem) that the player hunts down to reveal different BTS facts about that specific song. Once everything was created, we filmed ourselves playing each level and edited mini music videos together showing off each level and all of the song facts.

We will be releasing one of these videos every week starting this Friday! That way anyone who wasn’t able to take part in our album launch can experience it for themselves. We hope that you join us on the journey and check out each video on our YouTube channel!

Check out a preview of the levels below: