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1An Invitation
2For the Fight
3Not Like Before
4Dancing in Tokyo
5If Only You Could See
6What I Can See
8Storm Brewing
9Change of Tides
10Kiss the Ring
11Hey There
13Its Time to End This

Inviting Warfare

This is the second full-length album released by Stands on Sapphires on December 3rd, 2021. Their goal was to write two albums in two years, a lofty endeavor, but one well worth it.

Inviting Warfare features 100% original songs with no covers, unlike BLOOM. The band, once again, flexed their versatility as rock musicians and brought a variety of inspired styles to the latest album including Classic Rock, JRock, Ballads, and even some Synth-Rock. The overarching theme of the album is dotted with ideas of Light vs Dark, Good vs Evil, and, as in SonS fashion, living for things greater than one’s self.

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