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BLOOM 3-year Birthday Sale

Enjoy a special birthday discount on our very first album, BLOOM. We have limited regular CDs available OR you can upgrade to a signed, Special Edition CD for only $5 more (only 3 Left).

Grab a regular CD for just $10

CD Includes:

  • Digipak Casing
  • High-quality Audio CD
  • Made in Canada
  • Hand-shipped from our home studio in Vancouver, BC.

Upgrade to 1 of 3 Special Edition CDs left! +$5

(only 50 ever made!)

Upgrade for $5 more from a regular CD to one of only 50 Special Edition Autographed BLOOM CDs that were only available for the Backstage album launch in 2020. We only have 3 left in total! Get one before they’re gone forever (no reprints).